The fox and the lily

So I have this absolutely perfect skirt. It complements my legs, it can be used for both heavy duty functions like playing soccer, to fashion things like chilling around the house or looking nice at a party. It’s perfect except for one little thing that ruins it. It has no ass. Literally the fashion designers made it so that it was all the same length of fabric. Nice idea in practice until you realize one thing; everything leans forward, and human beings, male, female, of intersex bodied, have ass. You know those things that hang off the back and that when things are going really well, you can grab? Yeah those, they puff skirts up in a very nice way, very nice indeed, but they also make it where designers have to account for extra fabric. This skirt maker didn’t, and it got me thinking about how many other times I’ve brought home a dress, skirt, shirt, pants, you name it, that hasn’t accounted for my body not fitting the “standard” model.

I have small breasts – barely a B-cup at best – I’m not skinny, but I don’t think I could really lose a few pounds and be as healthy as I am, I fit a small guys and a large women’s, and I have an ass. The “average” says I should have large breast to fit my excess fat, and that my breast “shouldn’t sag, they can drop but not sag” even though they should be large enough to look like I had GG implants. It also says that I shouldn’t have an ass, or if I do it should be a bubble butt, one of those little things that looks like a bouncy ball with a crack in the middle. They’re the type of butts only trannies have, and that’s why men think those types of women love taking it in the backdoor, because those women have a prostate and an adam’s apple.

Anyhow I love making my own clothes, or fitting things together in ways that no one else could pull off. I love finding ways to accent tummies without making them lumpy, or finding ways to give normal and small heighted girls pride – even though I’m taller myself – or in just making people look good in the clothes they wear. Now mind clothesmen no longer exist so you can’t get anything truly custom made anymore, unless you know a friend of a friend or some such thing, but big name fashion designers and makers should at least have the common sense to know how to make something for differing body types, if one chick in her bedroom knows how to do so.

The natural female body is actually fatter than I am in most cases. Those women who have never met civilization and live in areas like the amazon and such, who rarely if ever starve and eat a humans natural diet of fruit, nuts, greens and barks tend to be heavy set, as do the men. They have bellies, and small breasts and nice rears that stick out like rears are meant to. These are the clothes I try to design, ones that would look good on a natural body that humans are meant to have, not the designs that most people make, but ones for the actual body, ones that clothes makers should design for.

Than again the clothes designers are man apologists, or have designated themselves as Man because they have a penis. They think that “men are visual creatures” that there’s only one healthy body type though “there are many different body shapes” that they never design for. They decide to make clothes for porn stars – who can’t even fit in to their clothes -, add a bit of extra fabric all around instead of making variations of their sizes to accommodate things that may be smaller or bigger than perceived, and than they sell it off and claim that their body positive because “hey look we made Jenna’s clothes in extra large, for girls who are above size 10!”. Excuse me for not being amused at you wanting me to dress like a skank.

Yes we can’t make clothes that fit everyone with the way we currently have our society run, and clothes being tailor made would be to expensive. I have a simple solution to both of these problems though, kill off most of humanity and capitalism in full, than we’ll have no problem at all. We’ll be back in our natural environment, so clothes won’t be a necessity or a problem. Simple really.

This is why you shouldn’t sell to creative radical clothes makers. They’ll always draw the most abstract conclusions. No?


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