The fox and the lily

{November 15, 2009}   Really now, is it truly that hard to admit you’re only stupid human

Eh I’m getting real tired of the whole feminist critique on veganism and the whole speal about “OMG u has an eating disorder!” and all the feminist myths surrounding why veganism is OMGS bad. So thus of course, I must write a blog about it.

First off I want to address the whole eating disorder thing. I for one do not and have never had an eating disorder. I’ve known many people who have, from female to genderqueer to even a couple of males, and none of them have ever used veganism or vegetarianism as an excuse for not eating. They actually used dieting, sports, and health reasons, but never veganism or vegetarianism. I hate to say this, but my sisters have been tricked by Teh AnAz with this one.

The very few people I’ve seen using vegetarianism or veganism as an excuse have always cited it for health reasons, and there are two problems with that. Vegetarians are no more healthy than other carnists, especially since dairy is more lethal to humans and vegetarians tend to eat more dairy than their meat eating counterparts. It’s not a very good excuse quite honestly, but if a person you care for is using vegetarianism as a get out of eating free card, you really should be asking how fucked up are you to not recognize that (a they have an eating disorder sooner than right now, and (b why you’ve not been able to be supportive enough to either help them recover if they so chose, or to stand by and not force them to feel ashamed if they don’t want to. Mainly the problem comes back to you, because you’re not a good person and you’re not doing anything to stop what’s making these people get eating disorders. The second problem is that veganism is an animal rights movement that refuses in full to take part in the patriarchy and power dynamics of using animals in any form or way, thus there is no such thing as a vegan that does it only for the health reasons. True story.

On top of that, it’s something to mask the symptoms of the few who use it as an excuse. If one can seriously not differentiate between someone who has an eating disorder and is using it as an excuse from a person who eats healthy and who happens to be vegetarian, than you my fine sir are a tool.

On to the next thing that chaps my ass. The whole “telling women what to do with their bodies is unfeminist bullshit. Veganism isn’t telling women what to do with their bodies, it’s telling them and men and gender variants what they cannot do with the bodies of others, and if that’s unfeminist than call me a fucking Nazi and get on with your self-absorbed, clinically narcissistic little lives.

Meat is sold with pornographic images and and it comes with a whole host of stereotypes that can be boiled down to “meat is manly, but only in context of feminizing other men and objectifying women.” And than you have on top of that that very little poultry is from non-female birds, and the same goes for cows, rabbits, pigs, goats and other meat animals to a slightly lesser extent. This brings up the whole issue that animal agriculture is just a way to use the bodies of females by men without it being “unethical” even though it is unethical in full. Then let us not forget about the dairy animals, cows, sheep, goats, buffalo (thank you for opening my eyes to this little horror or endangered species exploitation Wyoming. May all your men have shriveled balls), and other dairy animals who are all females that have their breast milk taken from them without consent and have their young ripped away from them for the purpose of one day taking their mothers place or being starved and made into veal.

Then you have racism. Slaughter houses, dairy farms and egg farms were originally run by underpaid black female workers who could not get a job anywhere else. Slaughterhouses have always been dangerous to the workers and have always violated basic human rights, as have dairy and egg farms, and the reason women of color were originally employed was because they could not fight back. They were multiple cases of rape of the female workers and the professions themselves saw that the dairy maids, egg collectors and slaughterhouse workers were always exposed to the newest health epidemics that stemmed from the animals. This including cow pox ( a type of herpes virus), chickenpox, Spanish influenza, polio, and a rash of other disease that these women were at high risk of getting, when they had no other options, not to mention all the incidences of limbs being severed because of the killing process. Nowadays though it’s moved to men that are of color, particularly immigrants, illegal or not who face the same dangers, except now with viruses like Bird flu and Swine flu that have the chance of being worse than the 1918 epidemic of Spanish influenza. However the meat packing, and dairy and egg packaging industries are still mostly dominated by female workers and it’s known that it’s female employees are being constantly sexually harassed, underpaid more so than usual and it exposes them to large amounts of diseases that come from rotting meat, dairy and eggs.

I could go on forever about the connections to carnism and sexism, but it will quite honestly take a series of post just to cover the sexism of meat and eggs, let alone dairy. There is a book written on the subject, too – The Pornography of Meat by Carol J Adams. After all, one post that was just a general jab back at carnist feminist couldn’t cover what a full book was barely able to. However I’ll be working diligently on a whole world of post to say just how veganism and feminism are as connected as feminism and gender abolition and feminism and anti-racism.

To wrap this up, there’s so much sexism in carnism that the only plausible reason that feminist would be carnist and defended it like a man does porn is because they want to have the same entitlement as men, and the same privileges as men, instead of wanting an actual anti-sexist society like so many of them claim. Instead what they want is an end of the status quo that will affect them – meaning that, in the end, animals, gender variants and people of non-monotheistic religions (Wicca included in the monotheism) can go fuck themselves as long as athiests, monotheists and human beings of all colors and all sides of the gender binary are able to be self-righteous privileged fucks just like the white Christian men of today. Capitalism doesn’t matter, even though it will keep the poor down, as long as it’s not sexist, and animal agriculture is fine so long as it’s not them having to do their own dirty work and as long as they don’t have to realize everything from their diabetes to their fibromyalgia to their cancer is caused by animal products. They don’t want to make the world equal or just. They just want the right to be men and join the big boys club instead of truly take down the system that is forever trying to deny them their basic personhood, which all animals have. It’s a shame, really, though I doubt it will ever change; so few people will actually ever change themselves to fit their ethics, and too many are willing to warp and distort their ethics to fit themselves and ignore the logical repercussions of that.


truthvscompliance says:

I’m a new vegan/radical feminist blogger too (been vegan and feminist for almost 10 yrs). Just thought I would mention that I liked your article.
I honestly don’t know how any feminist can sit by and watch what humans do to non-human animals without seeing the connection it has to feminism and patriarchy. Anyway, nice to see there are others 🙂

Foxy says:

Sorry to take so long approving this. I’ve been traveling the past year and had spotty internet connection so I wasn’t able to get back here.

Thank you for the lovely comment. It’s nice to meet another radical feminist vegan.

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